Having days outs away from home is extremely adventurous and we would highly recommend it. Friends and families are able to explore new locations and lifestyles and bond over fun activities!

As a coach company, we are obviously going to encourage you to go for the coach side. However, there are also a lot of benefits and preferences for driving by car also. Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Travelling By Car

Driving yourself puts you in full control and responsibility of your own body, rather than a designated driver. Despite it’s what they are trained to do, some people can get anxious and will overall prefer being in their own hands. Being in full control also allows you to stop for rest breaks at any time, which can be extremely useful for those long journeys.

Travelling in your own car allows you to leave in your own time, rather than rushing around following a schedule. This might not necessarily be a benefit to some, however, because you risk sleeping in or arriving late. This also goes for coming home too, you don’t want to miss the last bus home, so you will have to keep checking the time and organising a suitable time to get to the bus stop, whereas driving your own vehicle allows you to leave at your own time, making things a lot less stressful.


Travelling By Coach

Travelling by coach means you aren’t in any control of the vehicle, and therefore we like to think of it as a much more care-free journey. Furthermore, Coach is believed to be very comfortable, as you don’t have to worry about directions or fuel etc. Speaking of fuel, travelling by coach not only saves you money on fuel, but it is helping the environment. This is because, with you and the other people on the coach not travelling in their own car, much less fuel is being used up.

Overall, travelling by coach is one of the least stressful transportation options, especially in events where you want to have a drink or spend the night somewhere. Here at Omega Tour, with our trained drivers and excellent vehicles, you are guaranteed a worry-free, safe and comfortable journey.

As a result of this, regardless if you choose a car or coach, we hope you have a safe journey and a great day! For those interested in travelling by coach, you can learn about our upcoming trips here, and for more information contact us today!

Thanks for reading.