Here at Omega Tour, we not only offer convenient transportation to popular, fun-days-out locations but coach hiring services too! For all sorts of different occasions, Omega Tour can help you comfortably and smoothly transport from A to B in large groups of friends and families.

So, for what occasions would you need to hire a coach-hiring service? More importantly, why would you need to hire us? Here are 5 occasions where you may need to hire a coach.

1. Family Days Out


Hiring Coaches For Family Days Out!

If you are planning a day out with the entire family, why not hire our coach services to make the journey easier? Not only does it save money on petrol, but it saves the hassle of everyone commuting in a number of vehicles all at once! This way, everyone can enjoy the journey together, as a family, so the trip begins and ends as one.

2. Weddings

Whether you are on team Bride or team Groom, hiring a coach to the venue can be highly convenient. With this service, there’s no chance of the guests arriving late! everyone will arrive together and ready to celebrate! It is also convenient for adults looking to have a drink or two!

3. Sports

Football? Basketball? Cricket? Whatever the sport, prepare for the game right, in one of our comfortable and safe coaches! Regardless, if you are travelling to a friendly game or a big final, you and your team can arrive on time and in style with Omega Tour’s coaches.

4. Schools


Hiring Coaches For Schools!

If your school are looking to take the students for a trip, chances are you are going to need a coach service for transporting. For informative days out or even participating competitions, you and your students can be safely transported with plenty of time to enjoy their day. We also offer general school coach hiring. 

5. Airport Transfers

Going on holiday? Save the annoying hassle of parking at the airport with our coach hiring services. Whether you are travelling with friends or family, Omega Tour can transport large groups of people looking to go abroad so you make your flight with perfect timing.


Hiring Coaches

Here at Omega Tour, our coach-hiring services are highly convenient for a number of reasons and occasions. Get in contact with us today on 01480 492328 to discuss how we can help you!

Thanks for reading!