Reducing your carbon footprint

Nowadays, the importance of doing your bit for the environment is higher than ever. Sadly, it is no longer a myth that climate change is upon us, as a result of the way we live as a society. From our modes of transport to the foods we consume, our activities have a detrimental impact on the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is our responsibility as individuals, communities and corporations to seek to reduce our carbon footprint, our own contribution to carbon dioxide emissions.

Travel greener by coach

Thankfully, there are positive changes you can make that will make a real difference! Your carbon footprint is reduced significantly if you travel by bus or coach, compared to any other mode of motorised transport. As buses and coaches are one of the greenest ways to travel to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Not only are they economical, they are also environmentally friendly and can help the environment in several ways:

  • They reduce congestion on the roads, meaning less air pollution
  • They cause less pollution, per person, per kilometre
  • They use less fuel to take groups of people to a location, than the equivalent number of cars would use
  • Traveling long distances in a car uses up more fuel

Travel with Omega Tour

At the Omega Tour Group we want to help our environment, so join us by travelling on one of our modern buses or coaches. We can accommodate groups of any size travelling to any event or location. Consider how many cars it would take you for an airport transfer or to go to the beach. How many miles you would accumulate in total? The pollution quickly adds up! So if you are going to a specific location in the future, get in contact with us today to travel with Omega Tour.