We are based in Cambridgeshire and offer a great range of coach hire services, from airport transfers and sport team hires, right to our bespoke services for any journey. Maybe you are planning a day trip with friends, family or with your work? Here at Omega Tour we can cover you travel from departure to destination. Here are 5 great benefits of travelling by coach!

Travel economically

Travelling by coach can save you money in a variety of ways. If you are travelling in a group over a long distance, you will cover a larger number of total miles from travelling in separate vehicles. Additionally, time is money, and by travelling by coach for work or leisure you can be more productive! This is one of the main reasons behind Uber’s meteoric rise, as the app saves time for business owners and employees by allowing them to do other tasks en route.

Environmentally friendly

Coach travel has been stated as the greenest mode of motorised transport. As well as being economical, bus and coach travel can save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing your group’s carbon emissions, per person, per mile of the journey.

Comfortable and relaxing

Our modern fleet of vehicles at Omega Tour will have you travelling in complete comfort! It is so important to us that you enjoy your planned day out or event. Ensure that you arrive at your destination fresh and ready for your day by travelling with us! For those longer journeys, use the time to socialise with your group or to even enjoy a well-earned rest.

Reduced delays and cancellations

Our journeys take you from departure point to destination. Our experienced drivers take the most efficient routes and are in the know of common delays. Sit back and relax as you get to your destination on time!

Luggage is safe

A common worry with air travel is that your luggage will be lost. With coaches and buses you have the peace of mind that your luggage is safe as your items travel with you.

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