As the weather gets warmer you may find yourself wanting to head to the beach! Whether it’s a day trip or a week-long holiday, in no particular order here are our top 10 beach destinations we recommend you should be visiting…

1. Whitstable, Kent

If you’re not a particular fan on sandy beaches, Whitstable offers a variety of beautiful pebble beaches. Whatever the material, it still feels like the coast. The sky view is enormous, so it’s the perfect place to tan or watch the sunset on a hot Summers day! Also, in the last two weeks of July, you can enjoy the annual Oyster festival hosted on these beaches – enjoy parades, competitions and performances all day round.

2. Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland


Top 10 Beaches – Bamburgh Beach

With extravagant views of the Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh beach is the perfect place for a historical walk next to the coast. Because of its location, it’s rarely the right weather for sunbathing and swimming, but due to its unique historic views, it was definitely worth the mention!

3. Southwold, Suffolk


Top 10 Beaches – Southwold

Located just 15 minutes from Great Yarmouth, is this beautiful little beach town. With a glorious sandy beach, pier, fun-fair rides and a whole coast full of activities, this is the perfect destination for family days out! Southwold is a little hidden gem of the south-east UK, definitely worth a visit.

4. Brighton Beach, Brighton

Voted one of the top 10 city beach break destinations in the world, Brighton is a legendary beach to visit. This destination not only has a stunning beach, but a reputation for successful stag/hen dos, romantic getaways and even family weekend trips away! Furthermore, Brighton boasts historical attractions, sports and activities along with an entertaining, lively nightlife.

5. Aberystwyth, Wales

It may be a long drive away, but it is one of Wales’ most appreciated beaches. With beautiful blue seas, mountain views and your typical beach town, Aberystwyth is a lovely destination to visit if you are looking for a peaceful treat to get away from home for a few days.

6. Hunstanton, Norfolk

Easily one of the most popular beach locations in the south-east of the UK, Hunstanton has so much to offer. As well as it’s the long coastline of sand and sea, Hunstanton is the home to huge funfair rides, mini-golf courses, amusements, bingo and a town centre with lots to purchase. With also lots of local accommodation options, this beach town is a great trip destination for a weekend trip away.


Top 10 Beaches – Hunstanton

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7. Porthcurno, Cornwall


Top 10 Beaches – Porthcurno Beach

Admittedly, if you catch Cornwall on one of it’s best days, this beach brings out the Mediterranean side of the UK, as the clear, turquoise sea sparkles in the sunlight. Surrounded by tall countryside mountains, Porthcurno is a hidden treat of stunning views and perfect opportunities to sunbathe and surf the day away. Again, it’s quite a drive away from Cambridgeshire, but if you ever find yourself nearby, take some time to visit.

8. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Another incredibly popular beach destination for tourists, Great Yarmouth offers everything you could wish for on a UK’s hot Summer’s day. The funshine never stops as you enjoy not only enormous, sandy beaches, but its background of theme parks, adventure golf courses, piers, amusements and even a circus!

9. Lulworth Cove, Dorset


Top 10 Beaches – Lulworth Cove

Experience out-of-this-world views at Lulworth Cove this Summer! This stunning white pebble beach surrounds clear blue waters and rock pools you can enjoy. Enjoy the small town of souvenir shops along with walking routes to the top of the mountains where you can witness extraordinary views of the turquoise waters. To be honest, it’s not entirely ideal for families to set up and play a game of Frisby, but more for the historical perspective – we would definitely recommend a visit to this beach if you enjoy amazing views and historical atmospheres.

10. Bournemouth

Last, but definitely not least, is the stunning Bournemouth beaches! Embrace seven miles of beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue seas as you walk along with the coach of this beach town. There is plenty for you to do here, too – eat in one of the fabulous restaurants, enjoy a hike on the cliff tops or get pampered in one of its therapeutic spas. Whatever you do, we can ensure you that Bournemouth’s unique beach views will make your day ten times better!

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